BARDSLEY™ PRODUCTS proudly sponsors:  

Jennifer McFall, Dragonfire Farms
Robyn Fisher, R Farms Eventing & Dressage
David Koss, R Farms Eventing & Dressage

John Michael Durr, Durr Eventing & Show Jumping

Kimmy Durr, Durr Eventing & Show Jumping    

Kenda Lenseigne, Kenda Lenseigne Shooting Star

Jen Smith Lyon, Dusty Jeans Ranch

Luke Castro

Roberto Flores, Roberto Flores Horsemanship

Elisbeth Burleson, Elisabeth’s Equine Adventures



Kate Sulzbach

Kate Sulzbach “The Bardsley product line keeps my horses looking immaculate. The Horse Wash leaves their coats show-ring clean and shiny for days; and the White Wash gets rid of even the toughest, ground in green spots. It even gets the dingy yellow tint out of white tails, not a small feat on horses that live out in the pasture full time. The essential oils not only leave my horses coat hydrated and healthy, but smelling amazing. Whether you are grooming for yourself or for the judges, Bardsley delivers top of the line results.”


Jennifer McFall

Jennifer McFall “Dragonfire Farm has been producing champions in the show ring and the sport arena for over thirty years. Attention to detail is paramount in being competitive at the highest level, and The Bardsley Products Equine Hair Care line is exactly what you need to gain that winning edge over the rest of the field. The shampoos produce a clean and healthy coat that will have a shine that will not attract dust, so no need to bath repeatedly throughout the show. That is a real time and money saver when you have a large string of horses at a show. The conditioner is designed to work with cold water, so it will rinse out cleanly, with no residue. And the Horse Shine will condition, separate and produce a shine that will last for days. Not only that, they smell so great you will want to use them on yourself! Made in the USA and Cruelty Free development are bonuses on an already superior product.”

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Kenda Lenseigne

Professional Cowboy Mounted Shooter Kenda says she is,  “very impressed and happy with the entire product line;  the horse wash is my favorite!  It reminds me of the spa, and wishing I had time to go to one.  I really like the eucalyptus and how it acts as a natural liniment for hard working horses.”